My visit to artist Jessica Zoob's preview at her East Sussex based studio

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I was very excited when I received an invitation to the preview of Jessica Zoob’s latest oil painting, which is also her largest. I adore her work, which is inspired by the unique landscapes and soothing nature around her, and beautiful memories of her travels. She creates her amazing impressionist paintings in her magical and light filled studio just outside of Lewes.


artist Jessica Zoob studio

 Jessica's latest painting (by @lewesmap)


artist Jessica Zoob

Jessica Zoob (by @lewesmap)


Jessica is such a charming and warm person, who loves to meet you and loves to share her work with you. She is a person full of happiness. The views from her studio are incredibly beautiful, surrounded by the South Downs. The different seasonal colours, huge sky, rolling in mist (one of my favourite things) and different light throughout each day must have a deep impact on her work. Can you imagine golden hour light flooding through these windows on a late Summers day?


studio of Jessica Zoob overlooking the South Downs

A studio with views across the South Downs (by @lewesmap)


Jessica Zoob studio

A studio full of inspiration (by @lewesmap)


I really love visiting places where people create. Each and every one of these places is full of stories. Seeing where Jessica works, her utensils, brushes, paint pots and tubes, her paint covered boots, tables and floor…They’re all part of Jessica’s utterly stunning paintings. I came away feeling truly inspired and happy.


artist utensils in Jessica Zoob's studio

Artist utensils (by @lewesmap)


Jessica Zoob's studio floor

Jessica's studio floor looks like a painting itself (by @lewesmap)


Jessica Zoob's paintings by Julia Smith

Dörte snapping away (by photographer Julia Smith aka @humphreyandgrace)

There is an opportunity to visit Jessica Zoob’s beautiful open studio this month:

May 6-7 & 20-21 | 11:00 – 17:00

Banff Farm

Upper Clayhill

East Sussex


Find expert barista Hannah aka @hannahsvan at the open studio with her coffee van (Not only does she make a fine coffee, she bakes the best brownies ever!) 


Hannah from Hannah's van at Jessica Zoob's preview

Hannah aka @hannahsvan (by @lewesmap)


Jessica has also been generous enough to let me choose a print for my giveaway, which I will reveal next week. So stay tuned :)

Happy new month to you all!

Dörte x (@lewesmap)



It was especially wonderful to share this lovely afternoon with likeminded people, some of whom I've known for quite a while through Instagram; including interior blogger, stylist and freelance writer Jane Day aka @teawithruby | photographer Julia Smith aka @humphreyandgrace | photographer, stylist, and blogger Janice Issitt aka @janiceissitt_life_style | interior blogger and freelance stylist Tamsyn Morgans aka @tamsynmorgans | Ethical fashion blogger, music lover and writer Georgie aka @acitygirlatheart | And Lewes based Perfumer Nancy Meiland aka @nancymeilandparfums. Check out their wonderful accounts :)

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