Our Story

windswept tree on the South Downs in Lewes


We are Dorte Januszewski, photographer, print maker and Pinterest marketing consultant at Curly Carrot Digital Marketing, and Malcolm Trollope-Davis, conceptual fine artist. We’re very lucky to live only a short walk away from the South Downs, together with our son Alfie and black Labrador Ruby, in Lewes, East Sussex in the UK. Being surrounded by nature and living so close to Downs feels very special to us and has a huge influence on what we do.

We created Lewes Map Store to build on the success of Lewes Map, a 3-D style illustration beautifully hand-drawn by Malcolm who found inspiration in the charm and rich history of our hometown. The shop gives us a platform to design and make our own products, and to work closely with other UK makers and artists. 

We seek out items which are made by people with a passion for what they do, and who share our love for traditional craftsmanship, sustainable design and timeless quality. We’re proud to be part of the movement towards a more responsible consumerism and know our customers appreciate items which are consciously crafted and ethically sourced.


adventures on the south downsriver Ouse and riverside house from a bridge in Leweswildflowers and wild carrot on the south downs