Embracing Autumn

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The weather has suddenly turned and it seems much earlier than last year. The sun still feels very warm, but evenings are starting to feel cooler and days are slowly getting shorter. What I love about the seasonal transition into autumn is how nature changes, the colours and smells and also the beautiful seed heads and fruits appearing everywhere. Oh, and one of my favourite things are the misty mornings. All I want to do is go out on woodland adventures in my woolly jumper, collect little bits of nature and drink tea. Have a look at my Autumn Pinterest board for more inspiration.


Beautiful treasures collected on our adventures. Love the changing colours and smells of autumn.

 Our holiday treasures have a lovely autumn feel (by @lewesmap)


Windswept trees on the South Downs. Love how they change colour in autumn.

 Misty mornings on the South Downs (by @lewesmap)


Love misty mornings on the South Downs. There are so many beautiful autumn colours, leaves and mushrooms at the moment.

Autumn colours on the South Downs (by @lewesmap)


Dandelion seeds on a wet autumn morning.

 Misty mornings on the South Downs (by @lewesmap)


Collaboration with Suzanne Gattrell Hodshon and her tag ‘My Nest and Burrow’

I’m very excited to join Suzanne aka @nestandburrowuk as guest judge for her lovely tag #mynestandburrow with this month theme ‘changing of the seasons’. The challenge is all about the end of summer, beginning of autumn, harvest time, foraging and nature captured in your home or garden. It runs over until 6th October. Just tag your images and follow both of our accounts over on Instagram.


Love how hydrangeas change their colour in autumn.

 Hydrangeas in Autumn (by @lewesmap)


The winning entry will receive a lovely prize from our store, perfect for a cosy and relaxing night in.


Lovely products from Lewes Map Store for a cosy and relaxing night in, perfect for chilly autumn evenings. They include a copy of 91 Magazine, pink alpaca bed socks by Tom Lane, essential oil candle by Essence & Alchemy, a Lewes Map fine bone china mug and native wildflower seeds.

 Sponsored prize by Lewes Map Store in collaboration with @nestandburrowuk (by @lewesmap)


Suzanne Gattrell Hodshon, founder Nest and Burrow, beautiful wall hangings handmade from merino wool

Suzanne Gattrell Hodshon, founder of Nest & Burrow (by @nestandburrowuk) 


Suzanne makes the most beautiful wall hangings from merino wool, which is a super soft and has a warming nature. She has a passion for natural materials and modern interior design and combines both in her unique work. Her sought after pieces are available from her online shop.


Wall hanging made from merino wool by Nest and Burrow. Love the neutral tones.

Wall hanging made from merino wool (by @nestandburrowuk)


Wall hanging made from merino wool by Nest & Burrow. Love the grey colour.

 Wall hanging made from merino wool (by @nestandburrowuk)



I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your continuous support since we first launched. We’re a small independent business, so it makes a big difference and means a lot to us! There are some exciting new products coming to our store during the next few weeks, including Malcolm’s HAKO KANADA ‘Brighton West Pier’ print. We also send out newsletters, which include special offers, collaborations and products recommendations. When you sign up using the pop up window you will receive a 10% discount code.


We use gift wrapping made from recycled paper. Lewes Map Store is an independent online store selling products designed, handcrafted and made in the UK.

Lewes Map Store gift wrapping is made from recycled paper (by @lewesmap) 


Which brings me to my next subject. I’d like to introduce you to ‘Just A Card’, a fantastic campaign, founded by Sarah Hamilton, to encourage people to buy from designers, makers and independent shops and galleries. Their message is that all purchases, however small, even ‘just a card’ are so vital to the prosperity and survival of a small business. It’s a wonderful community, which I love and support. 


Just a card logo


Lewes Priory by Candlelight, a magical evening during September.

Lewes Priory by Candlelight event (by @lewesmap) 


Lewes Priory by Candlelight

This magical event was a wonderful opportunity to welcome the new season. Lewes Priory was lit up by thousands of candles joined by drummers, choirs and bats flying over my head. Here are some of my highlights.


Magical evening with Lewes Priory all lit up by candles.


Magical evening with Lewes Priory lit up by candles.

 Lewes Priory by Candlelight event (by @lewesmap) 


Magical evening with Lewes Priory all lit up by candles.

 Lewes Priory by Candlelight event (by @lewesmap)


Magical evening with Lewes Priory all lit up by candles. 

 Lewes Priory by Candlelight event (by @lewesmap)


Simple Nature Finds

The transition from Summer to Autumn has also been very noticeable on my #simplenaturefinds gallery over on Instagram. It's full of colourful treasures, like flowers, leaves, nuts, berries and mushrooms, which I really loved in these four beautiful shots.


Beautiful dahlias for 'Simple Nature Finds' by @nicpfr

Beautiful dahlias for #simplenaturefinds by @nicpfr

Autumn treasures for 'Simple Nature Finds' by @myrfivel

Autumn treasures for 'Simple Nature Finds' by @myrfivel


Beautiful Autumn wreath by Olga Prinku @olgaprinku for 'Simple Nature Finds'

Beautiful Autumn wreath for 'Simple Nature Finds' by Olga Prinku @olgaprinku 


Autumn leaves and cosy knits for 'Simple Nature Finds' by Jules Hogan @juleshoganknitwear

Autumn leaves and cosy knits for 'Simple Nature Finds' by Jules Hogan @juleshoganknitwear


I hope you're feeling inspired and ready for the new season. Have a lovely weekend.

Dörte x

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