Rakesprogress is one of the most creative, innovative and beautiful gardening magazines in the UK. Issue 7 is now available from Lewes Map Store. Rakesprogress, the progressive guide to gardens, plants, flowers and people.

Rakesprogress Magazine | Issue 7

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'The progressive guide to gardens, plants, flowers, people'

Issue 7 of Rakesprogress Magazine is packed with amazing botanical photography and features about painter and iris enthusiast Cedric Morris; Lindsay Sekulowicz, who is artist in residents at the Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew; artist Elaine Duigenan recreates the striking structural images of German photographer Karl Blossfeldt; bouquets and ballerinas; the world"s largest cacti nursery; the birdmen of Istanbul; the fossil hunter and so much more.

One of the most creative, innovative and beautiful gardening magazines in the UK, Rakesprogress uses fashion, art and documentary photographers to create a unique and stunning view of gardens, plants, flowers and people. Channelling the deep-rooted human desire of working with and playing amongst nature, the magazine introduces an artful take on the new horticulture movement.


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Rakesprogress "Because there's something about connecting with the natural world that makes life better. Which is why Rakesprogress is as much a snapshot of the world beyond your computer's window as it is a guide to the tricky business of growing stuff. Flick through these pages and of course you'll see gardens, plants and flowers, but you'll also find photography, bees, tools, craft, veg, art, architecture, sheds, clothes, jam and, of course, rhubarb. Even if you never pick up a rake, if you want an antidote to the mad whirl of digital, there is something here for you"


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